Reading Tutoring

Elementary, Middle and High School

Did you know that many of reading gaps starts with phonics? These gaps slow down your student's reading fluency and comprehension abilities. Our reading program focuses on developing and improving reading comprehension skills in current readers by utilizing appropriate phonics skills.

As students go along, reading passages become more challenging. Comprehension questions will often evolve to elicit more text-based applications and require students to cite text-based evidence.

Teachers at BGAP are well versed with the National Reading Panel’s five components of reading to help students develop skills for becoming successful readers.


We help our students become proficient readers by:

  • Acquiring and developing a broad vocabulary applicable to academic skills, tasks and standardized testing
  • Reading skillfully across a range of text genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and prose
  • Determining point-of-view and author’s purpose in writing a text
  • Determining the theme, or main idea, of a text
  • Citing textual evidence in support of a key theme, or the main idea
  • Analyzing the development of theme, or the main idea over the course of a text
  • Analyzing and evaluate the relevance and merit of arguments
  • Advancing to next applicable text complexity band and Lexile level in reading

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