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Thank God for BGAP Online! Have you ever seen the meme "Me, looking at the F my kid got for the math homework I solved?" Yeah, I’m that guy. :D My daughter is bright and doing way better than I did at her age. She's doing advanced math, but this year, with the pandemic, digital learning, having her math at the end of the day... she wasn’t motivated to power through. She needed real help, someone who didn't need to look stuff up for 30-40 mins just to understand... BGAP Online came in clutch! They're really good with kids and it took a lot of stress of my shoulders.

―Marc Ferguson, Parent
―Sarah Jivani, Parent

I am very impressed with how Bridging Gap teaches kids. I really loved the fact that they ask for the subject grades the child got in school and compare to their teaching results. I would definitely recommend Bridging Gap to everyone!

― William Bell, Parent

I recommend bridging gap tutoring center. I have noticed a difference in my grandson since he has been attending this tutoring center. He seems more happier about learning and making progress in his learning.

I started my child at this location and from day one she was doing better in Math!!!

My child being in middle school received her first A in math. She always made low B’s but since coming here she has an A, for both semesters. With this pandemic it never stop this location from giving us “A” plus service and I’m thankful!! My child has now been asked to take advance Math next year!!! I will continue with them so they can get my child ready for the ACT and SAT soon!!

―Brandy Mincey, Parent
―Bill Howard, Parent

We brought our son here to help him with the ACT. The teachers were amazing and he learned a lot and made a great score on the test.

― Harrison Hilton, Parent

My daughter has been going here for weeks and she has enjoyed her math teacher. She has learned a lot and she is achieving so well!

Bridging Gap USA has been a wonderful resource for both my child and our family.

Ms. Melissa is an amazing instructor who has been able to increase the confidence of my daughter with English in a matter of months. The increase in confidence as shown an increase in grades! A wonderful and affordable resource for families who have students who are struggling or students who could benefit from just a little bit of help to assist with standardized testing.

―Blood Roses, Parent
―Sharonda Bell, Parent

This is a great tutoring center and the teachers and staff is professional. My child is doing so much better since starting here. The teachers are very helpful and intune with where your child is and makes sure they help them excel in there studies.

― Ivette Franklin, Parent

The Bridging Gap is the best tutoring center in the south. The staff is very professional, caring, loving and experts in their context areas. I will highly recommend this tutoring center for any child who is struggling, needs improvement, and desires to advance his/her knowledge.

I recommend this service to everyone who has a child in school whether they're struggling or not.

I placed my son in BridgingGap because he had to repeat the 8th grade. I was quite honestly uncertain that this was going to work for him because he has trouble concentrating and staying focused. They tested him in ELA and math. Both results were revealingly accurate. Both teachers took the time to explain the results to my son and I. The Milestones test is coming up and I have every confidence that my son will do well. He is more confident in his schoolwork and honestly enjoys attending. I recommend this service to everyone who has a child in school whether they're struggling or not. It is reasonably priced and does what it says it'd do for my child. Thank you BridgingGap!

―Paula D Flagg-Searcy, Parent
― Cooking Style With Prita

Excellent tutoring...highly educated teachers with g8t knowledge..More than 4 years being part of their team....I see more & more improvement in my son(Ashaq) education level...he is being excellent student in school & that all bec of Bridging gap teachers...Thank u & I highly recommended for all parents out there

― Denise Nichols, Parent

BridgingGap USA is a wonderful place to bring your child to. The owner and teachers are very friendly, and they care about your child's learning. My child was having trouble in math but since she's been attending BridgingGap USA not only has her self-confidence has increase, so has her math grades.

As a teacher, I am impressed by the quality of Bridging Gap's staff and curriculum.

Their plans are always to find out where there's a gap and bridge it. Once gaps in learning are filled, they extend student knowledge so that the student is constantly moving forward academically. Their class sizes are key and allow students to get more individualized attention from certified teachers. This model also provides teachers with more time to actually teach. I'm so glad I found the program, and you will be too!

―Crystal Cherie, Parent
― Sanjay Patel, Parent

My daughters have been going to Bridging Gap USA for about 6 months. I see a big improvement in her in math and reading since she started off. I highly recommend sending your child here if they need help in school for a subject or two.

― Sandy Sanders, Parent

This place by far the best in the area. Teaching staff is very professional, engaging, friendly and capable. They use all certified teachers. The owner is easy to approach, always available and eager to discuss progress as well as challenges my child have had so far. I would recommend this place for tutoring for sure!!!

Being an educator myself I would definitely recommend BridgingGap to anyone needing a tutoring service.

My daughter is being tutored in math and every time she leaves she understands the concepts that she was unable to grasp at school. Mrs. Nelani always takes her time and makes sure that my daughter understands. If your child is struggling I would say taking them to BridgingGap is well worth it.

―Shatari Benton, Parent
― Tanya Finney, Parent

Bridging Gap has been a great help. The teachers are very knowledgeable and work diligently with the students and parents to ensure student success. I highly recommend them for enrichment and extra support.

― Indian mom & her daughters

Highly recommended for all the students.... As it caters all the age groups... Excellent knowledgeable teachers who really understand need of students and work accordingly. My 4 and 8 years old jiya and vritikka loved being with their experience so far....

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