How It Works

Bridging Gap's online virtual classroom offers tutoring in core academic subjects to ensure there are no gaps in the student’s education.

BGAP Online provides the sturdy support students need to stay on track for the next step in their education.

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The goal at BGAP Online is to provide each student with a personalized plan for success. To get started:

Step 1. Select a plan that fits your needs

Step 2. Get matched with our certified teacher for a 60-minute 1:1 online session

Step 3. Get weekly updates from the teacher about the student work and progress



Dedicated Virtual Classrooms

Bridging Gap’s virtual classroom offers tutoring, and academic counseling to ensure students avoid getting behind. Each Bridging Gap Online Student has a dedicated virtual classroom for each tutoring subject with live video and chat. Class interactions are preserved between sessions so the student can login to complete work or upload practice assignments. Bridging Gap provides the sturdy academic support students need to continue on track to their next grade level or college admission.

Individual Attention

The Bridging Gap Online program has State certified teachers with years of experience to provide one-on-one instruction for your student. Each virtual classroom is equiped with a live white board, allowing students to collaborate with their instructor in real time. No matter what your student is struggling with, our tutors are well-equipped to provide the highest quality instruction.

A Plan Tailored for Your Child's Success

The Bridging Gap online program brings together the things parents want most at more affordable pricing. We don’t hire student teachers or people with just experience, and we don’t give all our students the same curriculum. We bring certified, experienced teachers in to teach and develop special curricula just for you.

Subjects We Tutor


Our English program covers elementary through high school English and is great for students who need help with: Phonics, Reading, Fluency, Comprehension, Essay Writing, Inferences, and general homework.


Our math program covers elementary through high school math and is great for students needing to work on: foundational skills, number sense, proofing, functions, Algebra I, II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics, and Calculus.


Our Science program is available to high school students and covers secondary sciences such as: Biology, Chemistry, AP, and Physics.