Our Online Program Works

Not every online learning program is the same. Earlier this year, teachers across the country were forced to transition from face-to-face teaching to online teaching. For some teachers, this was no easy leap. For some students, it was impossible.

This transition has cost students dearly with statistics reporting a 30 to even 70% loss of learning in our nation’s students. With such a huge gap, it takes a special set of teachers and a special program to get back on track. That’s where we come in.

Bridging Gap has a different kind of set up that makes us especially equipped to handle this unique situation. After all, we’ve been curating individualized curricula for years. It’s what we do. Here’s how our set up sets us apart:

  • 1:1 Ratio of Support – Our online program pairs your student with a certified teacher one-on-one. This means that your child gets the individualized attention they need but can’t always get in a traditional classroom setting. Our content is created especially for your child. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. We work on your child’s weaknesses and enhance their strengths to fill any gaps they have and then propel them onwards to “exceeds expectations”.
  • Specialized Content – Our content, and the way it is arranged, can’t be found anywhere else. Our teachers pull from a variety of sources that fit the groove of your own child. We know what to work on and what practice to provide. We will have specialized materials for you to work with at home that’s put together especially for you.
  • Certified Teachers – Our teachers are certified. We don’t just hire people who are “good with children”. We put expectations on our qualifications that includes state certification and a wealth of experience. Many of our teachers are current teachers in the local school system. We hire excellent teachers who are well-versed in grade level scaffolding and academic diagnostics.
  • Advantageously Timed Sessions – Our sessions are timed exactly right for growth and knowledge retention. Having a lengthy online session can burden your child and make learning tedious. Our sessions are a jam-packed 45-minute session that entails everything your child needs that day and nothing else. There’s no burn out here!
  • Experience – Many schools and online programs have popped up to accommodate students during this uncertain time, but this is something we’ve already been doing for years. We have a special kind of experience in diagnosing and correcting academic gaps and a certain aptitude for extending students beyond the minimum. When it comes to correcting this ginormous gap, trust the experts at BGap!


Our online platform is well-equipped to handle every need your child has. However, our spots are limited. This kind of program can only work if we dedicate our teachers to a certain number of students. If you’re ready for your child to be on our exclusive roster, call or click today — before spots are filled!