Do You Really Need Tutoring?

If you've got a child in school, or even have one preparing for college, you're going to see a lot about tutoring. But, do you really need it? Here are three major reasons on why you do need it and three reasons on how not just anyone can do the tutoring job right.

Tutoring Helps.

1. School is Scaffolded

In university teacher education courses, we're taught that academic progress should be "scaffolded". Now, if you don't know what scaffolding is, it's the process of layering academic difficulty. The higher a student gets, the harder and more in-depth the work should be. The Common Core is a scaffolded curriculum as well. In short, it's only going to get harder for your student. If they get behind in even the slightest way, whether it be from illness or simply a bad teacher, they're going to feel it the higher up they go.

2. Your Student Has Weak Points

Between Math, Science, Social Studies, S.T.E.M., and English, there's a lot for your student to learn in school. Your student has weaker points, and believe us, teachers will be able to find them. Usually, students will have a couple of strong academic subjects, and usually, they will have some weaker ones. For instance, most adults who are good at Math still struggle with English. Most adults who do well in English still struggle in Mathematics. You don't want your child to be weak in anything! Tutoring helps fill the weak points and gaps so that students become well-rounded.

3. The Work Force is Competitive

The end goal of a good education sees a person in a decent job where they can enjoy what they're doing and do it well. The work force is nothing if not competitive nowadays. Sometimes, it even takes a Master's Degree to get your foot in the door, and the only way to get such a degree is with a solid academic background. Tutoring not only helps fill gaps, but it also helps produce adequate study skills in students while they are still growing.


By now, you might think tutoring is a good idea, and it is! However, not just anyone can tutor.

1. Most Anyone Can Claim to Tutor

That's right. You won't find any degree requirements when it comes to tutoring. Even a High Schooler can tutor another student. That said, we put strict requirements on our tutors and have actual, certified teachers under our roof. If you're going to pay someone to tutor your student, shouldn't it be an actual teacher? The average student-to-teacher ratio in public schools is about 25:1. Your student is one among twenty-five others who all deserve the same amount of attention, but that's just not possible for one teacher. However, it is possible at Bridging Gap. We maintain a small student-to-teacher ratio (of just 4:1) so that your student not only gets individualized attention but an individualized curricula as well.

2. Diagnostics

Certified teachers know how to diagnose deficiencies that other tutors will overlook. We train for years to be able to spot errors in thought processes that others just don't know how to see. Is your child struggling to read quickly? He or she might have a decoding issue. Is your child having trouble with spelling or pronunciation? They may have underlying gaps in Phonics. Perhaps your child doesn't understand Place Value or Estimating. In this case, an issue with Number Sense would be suspected. Our teachers know how to spot these things better than others.

3. Quality Remediation and Extension

Because our teachers know how to diagnose efficiently, they also know how to correct efficiently. Our teachers track your students progress from baseline to cap. We remediate deficiencies based on an individual's diagnostics to provide families with quality growth they can see. Once your student has mastered their areas of weakness, we know to go on to higher things. When you're at Bridging Gap, you're always growing, and growing is what it takes to succeed in careers these days. We think your student deserves the very best, so that's what we give!

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