Catch Up or Get Ahead - Our Summer Programs

For most, summer is a time to relax! At Bridging Gap, we encourage families and students to take breaks when they're needed, but we also believe in preparing today to succeed tomorrow. So, each year, we offer a short summer program for students who want to catch up on things they missed or families who want their child to be as prepared as possible for the next school year ahead. Here's a quick F.A.Q. for our summer program to give you all the information you need ahead of time:

  • What's different about the summer program?

The summer program is much shorter than our traditional programs--lasting only through June and July (sometimes August depending on the start of different school years).


  • What's the same about the summer program?

We still customize our summer programs to your child. Our summer program is not a one-size-fits-all curriculum. We still assess your child for where they are at individually, and then our certified teachers diagnose deficiencies and correct them. If your aim is to get ahead, we pull next-level curriculum to start them with so that they're ahead of the gang come day one.

  • Will my child's teacher still be qualified?

Yes! All of our teachers are considered highly qualified with the Board of Education and have ample experience in remediation.


  • Are the class sizes still small?

Yes! We believe it's easy for a child to get behind in a class with many other students, so we work hard to maintain a small student-to-teacher ratio (even during our summer classes). You will always get the highest caliber of educational expertise at our centers.


  • Is space limited?

Yes! Our classes fill up fast in the summer as most parents are already looking for a way to help their child do their best next year. Therefore, it is imperative that you set up your registration as soon as you can! Families who register by April 15th this year will receive $50 off their fee.

  • When does it start, where is it, and what grades are accepted?

Classes start the first week of June and are open to P-12 students at our Stockbridge, GA location.

  • I'm in! What's next?

If you're ready to get started, snag your space today by applying on our website or calling our center's owner at 404.474.2663. We can't wait to see your smiling faces this summer!