Has your child’s learning experience been affected by Covid-19? BGAP Online can help.

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Prepare today, succeed tomorrow!

  • 60-minute class, 1:1 with a state-certified teacher in one subject of your choice
  • Tutoring sessions tailored to students based on their skills and learning objectives
  • Same teacher each class with expertise in that subject
  • Access and share resources on our easy-to- use BGAP online platform
  • Teaching adapted to student’s pace of learning
  • Weekly written feedback from the teachers
  • Flexible scheduling

How is BGAP Online different from other online services?

  • When educators have the right tools, there’s nothing they cannot teach!
  • We designed our proprietary online teaching platform with educators in mind.
  • Online tutoring sessions mirror in-person sessions, with the added benefit of allowing your student to interact in real time with the educator’s customized learning resources.
  • From videos, to illustrations, and animations, your student’s tutor has at their disposal all the tools they need to deconstruct complicated concepts.
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―Katina Bertrand-Ferguson, Parent

I recommend BGAP Online, hands down! My son was on the verge of failing HS Chemistry. Initially, he didn’t want tutoring because he thought he had everything under control. . . read more. By the second semester, the material was flying over his head. As a self-employed mother who works from home (with three kids doing digital learning all year long), I just didn’t have the time or the energy to head out to a tutoring center in the evenings. I was happy when Bridging Gap USA started offering online sessions. I’ve used them in the past for in-person tutoring before we moved to a different county. On a whim, I called to see if they had online tutoring ― they did! Long story short, BGAP online saved his grade! It was like turning the Titanic around, but just in time ― no crash, no sinking. Just a very VERY close call.”

― Marion Lee, Parent

The Best! They work one on one with your child to ensure your child has the tools they need to succeed in whatever area of study they are having difficulty in.

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